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The Savage's Homepage on Walking

Welcome to Ian and William Savage's Coast to Coast (C2C) walk website and blog; the Dad and the Teen hit the trails. We are starting the walk on 8th August 2006 and aim to finish 11 days later.

Many of you accessing this site will already be familiar with the C2C walk: its history, the route and all its challenges. This next bit is for the rest of you. The C2C walk is a c190 mile crossing of England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea (although it can of course be done the other way round). It starts at St Bee's Head in Cumbria and finishes at Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire. The walk passes through the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. It was devised in the mid 1970s by Alfred Wainwright and is generally considered to be one of the best long distance walks in the world. It is also considered challenging.

Something about us. I'm (Ian) 45 years old (just - more later) and William is my 14 year old son. Having founded and / or developed and then sold on a number of businesses in the healthcare sector I'm taking a break this summer from full time work to decide what next. Part of me though rather likes this new (no) work / life balance.

I'm married to Ruth (Campbell) and we have five children: the previously mentioned William, Charlie (13), Patrick (10), Roscoe (7) and Albert (3). We live in North Yorkshire on the edge of Nidderdale. Ruth is a freelance journalist writing for a number of publications. She does a regular column for The Northern Echo chronicling some of the events and goings on in our family.

William attends Ripon Grammar and is a normal 14 year old. Just lounging around (chilling) is an important part of his life at the moment around which football, tennis and a social life have to be fitted. At home his fuse is usually pretty short currently and the answer to most questions directed his way is a loud "WHAT?"

As you would expect living where we do I know my way around the Yorkshire Dales and Moors pretty well ; I've done a number of challenge day walks in both as well as some of the classics (eg Yorkshire 3 Peaks, Lyke Wake Walk). I've done a good number of day walks in the Lakes over the years. We brought a house near Whitby a couple of years ago which we are slowly putting right after decades of benign neglect and that has provided the opportunity to really get to explore that part of the coast . I know therefore what to expect on many parts of the C2C. However I've never before done a long distance multi day walk (not quite true in that I had a go at the c100 mile 5 day Centurian Walk around the Yorkshire Dales a couple of years ago but had to limp out after 2.5 days with a knacked knee).

William did the Yorkshire 3 Peaks a couple of years ago and is a pretty fit and strong lad. Putting on his walking boots is not something he generally volunteers for at the moment though ("WHAT?"). However I only had to mention the C2C to him the once, he nodded without averting his gaze from the TV and now we are all set. 

Neither of us have done any special training or preparation for the C2C other than read Wainwright's book. We've opted to do the walk in the 12 stages that Wainwright describes, with some minor variation to fit in with accommodation availability on route; accommodation has been pre booked so that we are locked into the schedule set out on the itinerary page.

I'll be doing a daily blog of our progress and happenings. I'm not entirely sure how this is going to work out. My hope is that it will reflect the fun we intend to have over the next couple of weeks; whether I can deliver that with the accumulating impact of fatigue, we'll have to see. 

Training for the Coast to Coast!


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